Do Something

When Jesus came into a village, ten lepers met him and asked him to have mercy on the them (heal them). Jesus didn’t ask them how long they’d been lepers, he didn’t tell them to go wash themselves or mix up a special pot of herbs, didn’t want to know if their parents had been lepers or whether they’d recently been around other lepers, didn’t talk to them at all, except to say, “Go shew yourselves unto the priests. And… as they went, they were cleansed.”

What would it mean for a leper to show himself to a priest? What would the leper have to go through in his thinking? To allow oneself to be vulnerable and be “seen” by one who is holy would take great courage and trust and faith that those seeing you will only see what’s true and good about you. And if they see anything else, they would not attach it to you – the real you – who you truly are.

When healing takes place, there’s always a shift of thought, of consciousness. There’s always a new (more inspired) view of self, connecting oneself to a purer, more spiritual sense of one’s nature. Jesus saw the change that was needed in their thought for there to be healing. He knew they needed to “show” themselves to the priest. Did they need to be more humble, to see themselves more purely or as God sees them? Was it to allow themselves to be seen by those who were holy, to be seen as worthy? We can’t know for sure, but we can know that there was a change in thought and heart, a willingness to be obedient and humble, and a willingness to do something that was asked of them. Healing and a purer self was the result.

So the next time you need healing… do something. Do something that will turn your thought outward, turn your thought to your purest self. See yourself the way God sees you, focus on what’s true about you, what’s real about you – see yourself the way the holiest in the village would see you.

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Keep Your Candle Lit

When the darkness seems to be encroaching… don’t dismay…
all you have to do is keep your candle lit.

The darkness has no power to overtake the light.

But what does that mean – keep your candle lit?
Keep your sense of inspiration alive and active in your thought.
Keep your thought focused on the light and not the darkness.

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Funny how when we’re sitting in an airport, we can go inside the cocoon of invisibility to think deeply. And when we do, we’re led to where we need to be. I sat quietly and felt prompted to move. I did. I sat in a seat which had a cup in the cup holder. A man sat to my right with an empty seat between us. I asked if the drink was his before I threw it away. He said, “No ma’am.” Which prompted my question, “Did you grow up in a military family?” “Yes,” he countered with a warm smile, and our conversation was off and running. It turns out he’s writing a book, “Please and Thank You.” But it’s a book rooted in the metaphysical truth that the words thank you embrace all that the words imply and are hinged on – that God is at the root of the abundance we’re acknowledging. Turns out he and I have a very similar view of the universe as God-centered and abundant. How cool to have an uplifting conversation and to be led to another individual of like-mindedness. We both just reached a place in our lives where practicing the Truth and being available to help others do that is the focus now. Commit and be led. God will use you.

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Can Matter Beat God?

No matter how matter is organized, how much matter grows, where it grows, how much matter decays, how matter is named, what opinions there are about matter… none of it makes matter more powerful than God. God is All-power. God is in control. God governs. There is nothing in or about matter than can touch God. Could the growth of your fingernail, or some other bit of matter that’s not supposed to be growing somewhere, keep you from loving your family? Could the food on your plate keep you from expressing honesty or joy? If you put the couch on this side of the room instead of that side of the room, would it stop you from thinking intelligently? Nothing about matter can diminish, stop, resist, destroy any aspect of Spirit, Truth, Love. God is All. Therefore, all of God’s ideas and expression flow out from God and are intact, whole, pure.

In short: God is. Matter is not.

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Stream of Water

Recently, I had an image come to me that helped me understand God as the source and me as the expression/emanation of the source. When there’s a stream of water coming out of a pipe – it’s a constant stream – there’s no break in the stream, no gap, no part of the stream that’s made of something else. It’s not like it’s water, water, water, pocket of orange juice, water, water, water. So the same goes with us. God is thinking us. We are His ideas. God is the source – we are the outcome/expression. The source never falters or changes; it is constant (like the water), flowing outward. We are the constant expression. There is nowhere in that cause and effect relationship, in that source and expression, for anything other than the source to be expressed.

But what if you shine an orange light on part of the stream and make the water look orange? It may look orange, but the makeup of the water is still pure, unchanged. Sometimes we do that with our experience. It looks like we (or others) are someone other than the pure expression of who we really are as God’s child. Do we believe what it looks like (the orange water)? Or do we trust that if it doesn’t look like pure water, we can override the illusion of the senses and know and understand what’s true about the water. We can drink in the purity of the truth. Anyway, I’m still working with this image, but it’s helped me grasp a little bit more of the source being constant and me being connected to the source in an unbroken way. It’s helped me claim my strength and constancy even when it doesn’t feel like I’m expressing it very well in the moment.

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Two Roads

Here’s what’s true:

There are always two roads to choose from when we’re feeling upset.

One road fuels the fire of our upset (anger, frustration, fear, grief, etc.).
One road fuels the fire of our growth in Spirit (peace, grace, wholeness, awareness, enlightenment, love, etc.)

As long as peace is your goal: keep your thought focused on good. Do not focus on other people or things (unless you’re being grateful for the good they bring to the table.) If another person’s name is in the conversation, you’ve just chosen the path of upset and you’re walking on a path that is not your business.

Let other people alone. Do not focus on their need of growth, the lessons they should have learned by now, what they need to be doing or thinking and why they’re not doing or thinking those things.

Focus on your own relationship to God. Focus on how your thought can be more pure and more loving. Keep your thought filled with Truth and it won’t be filled with upset.

Of course you have the choice to be angry and upset and go down the path that leads you to build up steam and eventually blow. Sometimes we feel we need to blow off steam to release the upset and anger. But know that is a choice.

Choosing the path of peace will also release the built up pressure. But it involves a different release – not a release resulting from a build up of falsity, but a release due to a build up of truth in thought, which automatically results in a lessening of falsity and therefore a lessening of pressure. The pressure we feel prompts us to check which path we’ve chosen to walk on and what we’re holding in our thought.

We all have the capacity to choose either path. And if we have the desire to be at peace, why wouldn’t we chose the path of peace? Do we think we’re not capable of staying on the path or that we’ll get distracted? We all have the focus, stamina, and strength (because it is of God) to choose the path of peace and to stay on the path once we’ve chosen it.

God loves us and says yes to whatever we choose, supporting our ability to think and choose and be free. The nature of God is abundant and supportive. So we might as well choose peace and love and be happy.

Addendum: We all have tasks to do during the day. But where our thought is during the doing of those tasks will determine our experience. We can focus on all the negative while we work, or we can focus on the good while we work. Our thought determines what we will experience while we do the tasks before us.

Choose well my dear friend. The universe supports you no matter which path you choose. But you do know from experience that you will be happier with yourself and with those around you if you choose the path of peace and goodness.

So much love!

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Absolute Value

You know the absolute value sign in math?
|-3| = 3
If you take the absolute value of negative three, it equals three.

So no matter how big the negative number, when you see its absolute value, it has all the power of the positive number.

Same is true with people. No matter what negative label is attached to an individual (dishonest, rude, selfish, arrogant, proud, impatient, etc.), when we see their absolute value (who they really are as a child of God, pure and perfect as God made them), the whole value of the person without the negative label is apparent and has power.

Try it sometime.

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