Follow – Through

I started to pray: I am God’s idea. God’s idea is complete grace, power, wholeness, substance, light, flow, stamina, flexibility, follow through… when I got to that in my thought, I jumped to the idea that to follow through on something, we need to follow God’s leading, through (in spite of) challenges that come up to try to stop us. We need to follow God, while “we walk through the valley of the shadow of death” (Psalm 23).  We don’t want to follow just until the challenges come and then give up. When the challenges come at us, that’s when we need to follow God more closely, more intently – to follow… through – in order to follow through.

“Follow through or Flow through” is what we need to do when we follow through on an idea. We need to flow through the challenge and remain separate from it, not latch onto it or attach it to our identity or see it as part of us. We need to flow through the temptation that says we have to be in control… flow through the thought that we need to decide… flow through the thought or fear that we’re disconnected from God (that we’re in a valley of the shadow of death – it says walk through the valley, not camp out and stay in the valley) – and when we flow through the challenges instead of taking them on as ours, then we will follow through with whatever the goal. We will get to the place of understanding the complete idea – the end that’s already secure, finished – and we’ll see its completeness and perfection right here and now.

Flow through… to follow through… a cool thought.

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David and Goliath – Exact Aim

You know the way the story of David and Goliath (I Sam: 17) is about David using what he knows (that God is all-powerful) and has practiced (the sling shot instead of the armor) and feeling confident that what he’s been given by God will be enough?

I just had a thought that if the stones are the truths which David feels comfortable using to protect himself (feeling armed with what he knows practically, his sling shot and stones and spiritually, his relationship to God), what is the act of slinging the stone? Putting the stone in the sling is the act of putting the truth into practice – applying the truth to the specific situation with exactness. We’re not just going out flinging rocks around the field (if you could only see my husband demonstrate!), we’re carefully aiming at the wolf or Goliath (the error that comes up in our experience). And when we are exact in how we apply the truth, the error is defeated!! Oh… and the centrifugal force (the law in operation) that gives the power to the sling shot is the Christ. We don’t have to effort it beyond making the choice to put what we understand of God’s all-power into practice, aiming exactly when we apply what we know, and trusting the law of Truth as always in operation, as the force behind it. How cool is that! David proved it.

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Post a Comment

Please feel free to post a comment on this site. Do the ideas resonate with you? Have you gained an insight by reading? Would love to know your thoughts!

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You Can Rest

While praying with someone yesterday, this great image came to thought…

When we fall into God’s arms, trust in His care, we can rest on the bed of Spirit – fall into that divine, angel-feather softness – and let go – rest. The wind of the Christ blows though (hold the image of a Caribbean bungalow with open doors and tropic breezes and white translucent curtains billowing outward) and blows out all the dust – all the things in thought that need removing – all while we’re resting peacefully on our soft bed of Spirit.

No burden involved for you… just feel loved, rest, and let the cleansing winds of the Christ blow through your consciousness!!

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A Divine Bernoulli Effect

The simple action of moving forward in life, of making little decisions – little choices – is enough for the divine Bernoulli effect to operate in our lives.

The Christ, “the divine influence, ever-present in human consciousness,”* operates to uplift our thought – adjust it spirit-ward – and through that divine influence, our every choice and decision is made better. This helps us fly higher at every juncture. Each little choice – little decision – moves us forward, and just as lift is achieved as an airplane moves forward (the Bernoulli effect**) – so lift is achieved in our lives when we make choices influenced by the Christ, by Truth, and we move forward in Spirit. The more our decision are influenced by the Christ, the faster we move forward in thought, the less static pressure there is, and the more lift we get.

*Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

**According to Bernoulli’s Law (in simple terms), as the horizontal flow of fluids increases in speed, static pressure decreases. As air flows over a curved airplane wing, the air on top of the wing has to travel a longer distance and has to move faster than the air passing under the wing, so the air pressure above the wing becomes lower than the air pressure under the wing. And since fluids (air) flow from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure, the air below the wing tries to move to the area above the wing and lift is achieved.

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River of Emotion

We all have a river of emotions which runs through our life. But we don’t have to live our lives in that river! We can recognize that the river is there, notice it, watch its current and speed, its calm or turbulence, but we don’t have to ride the river and get caught up in the currents of human emotion. I’ve glimpsed recently that I can operate over here on the banks – on the solid ground – and not operate in the river. I can operate on the solid fact that Soul’s true expression is constant and healing – not turbulent and changeable. I’ve also noticed that I don’t want to dam the river either – try to control human emotion or stop it from flowing – then I give it power by making it my focus and the water rises, my thought gets flooded, and I drown in the torrents.

If I ever feel like I’ve gotten swept into the currents, I look for a rock to stand on (the rock, Truth – the Christ) in the middle of the river (listen for the Christ-like thought that lifts me up above the currents) and then jump from that solid platform to the banks – the solid ground of reality – God – Soul expressed. That’s where I can stand undisturbed, unaffected by the river of human emotions.

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Divine Tapestry

When weaving, many threads interlace to make the tapestry. If we want to change the color or pattern, we drop a thread, pick up another, and change the pattern. In life, it’s just as easy to drop a thread. When we choose to include in our life’s tapestry, a thread (a thought or action) which creates a pattern we don’t like or want, all we need to do is let go of that thread – drop it – and not weave it in. It’s that easy – drop the thread we don’t want and pick up the thread we do want. We always have the choice of which threads (of thought) we include in our tapestry.

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Fear Has No Power

Fear is only messing with our perception, not with what’s actually going on.

Fear messes with our perception of things and tries to get us to believe a false picture of what’s going on. Then it achieves what it wants – for us to act based on our false perception of reality. But if we recognize that fear has no inherent power and only our perception is being messed with, we can stop being afraid and trust that the reality of things has never changed, all is well, and we can act according to what we know to be true instead of what fear is trying to tell us is true. Fear doesn’t have the power to make us believe the false picture. Perceive what’s true – see reality. Then you have nothing to fear.

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Page Numbers

I was flying east and had a rare chance to read a novel – uninterrupted. Deep in the story, I had a flash of insight. The page number had nothing to do with the action in the story I had just read on that page. There was no connection. And then I realized – just as with the story and the page number – the number on the scale has nothing to do with who I am – with the qualities that make up “me” – with the love I express, or the wisdom I try to live by – and too, the number of years I’ve been on the planet have nothing to do with who I am either, or the numbers on the clock have no control over who I’m being at the moment. They’re all just numbers – disconnected from the truth about us.

The number could be a reference point, I suppose, just as the page number in the book can be – oh, yeah, he meets the girl who helps him crack the code in chapter 23 on page 257 – or – oh, yeah, I learned a lot about discipline in the 37th year – or – oh, yeah, I finally got the hang of not being too critical during that time when the scale said 130 – or – I express tenderness at bed time with my kids – but the numbers are really just reference points. The numbers can’t dictate anything about us or tell us who we are in Truth.

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Face Plant

So… I was running with the dog in the dark. It was 5:00am. And mid-stride, my toe caught the lip of the sidewalk – smack – face-plant! Well almost. I put my hands out instinctively and landed with full force on my hands, fortunately missing my face. But the force was intense. The dog came right over – this was not the typical scene – to see me horizontal. I rolled to one side and got up – praying. I grew up with the phrase, “there are no accidents in God’s kingdom” and declared that out loud as I rose.

The challenge as I ran home, was to not replay the incident over and over in my head. I challenged myself to focus on my spiritual nature (qualities of strength and freedom, balance and poise, innocence and purity) – not my physical body – (pain and shredded skin). I wanted to affirm in my thought that my good qualities had never been hurt – had never stopped being expressed – that nothing that happened in the physical realm could touch my spiritual nature. When I got home, I did pretty well not showcasing injuries to get the pity. But when I went to the sink to wash out the stones in my palms, my husband did notice and asked what happened. I tried to down-play the situation and keep my focus on spiritual qualities that had never been touched by the concrete.

I went to work, confident that all was well. But as the day progressed, so did the stiffening and the pain. Finally I had to leave work because most of my job is spent on the computer and my right hand and arm weren’t working very well.

I got home, driving with my left arm. And when I got there, all I could do was lie down and pray. Prayer for me is the action of turning thought to God and who I am as His likeness. I reasoned that as an idea in Mind, I couldn’t be separated from Mind. (If I think about something, I can’t separate myself from what I’m thinking – so the same would be true for God.) Since I’m God’s idea expressed, I can never be separated from God, Good, All.

I reasoned that I didn’t want to fill my thought with the Adam man – the thoughts of myself that said I was made from dust and returned to dust – thoughts that said I was made up of broken material bits that needed to heal over a long period of time. I actively pushed those thoughts out of my consciousness, and filled my thought with who I really was – a spiritual idea in Mind, expressing only good.

Then it dawned on me – the harder I pushed away the Adam-man view of myself (man, made of the dust of the ground), the better I felt. So actually, the fact that I’d pushed away the ground with as much force as possible, was a good thing, and I not only couldn’t be hurt by it, I was benefited by it. Pushing away the Adam-man view of myself left room in my thought for what is true about me. Since I am a spiritual idea, and it was a good thing that the activity of my thought was pushing away a dust-laden concept of me, I could find a way to be grateful for that expression, that pushing away – and all of a sudden I could see that my pushing away with force was a blessing – a cause of progress and inspiration – not a cause of pain and injury.

With that insight lifting thought, I slept for about ten minutes and then woke free of pain. My right arm and hand worked normally and I honestly can’t tell you how quickly the hands healed, since I really stopped noticing them after that. I was free from the idea that I’d fallen and therefore free from the result of a fall.

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It Needs a Host – Don’t Give it One

Negative thoughts don’t live unless we give them a person or a thing to live on. If we identify a person with a negative thought, we’ve just given life to a negative that can’t live on its own.

Why would I attach a negative thought to a person? Why would I give a negative thought a person to ride on? Why would I give a negative thought life? If I talk about a person negatively, all I’m doing is giving life to a negative idea that didn’t have life until I attached it to a person. That’s exactly what negative thoughts want – a host to live on. Negative thoughts are just waiting for us to give them life. They hover around suggesting that they’re real and when we believe they’re real, we attach them to someone or something – and we inadvertently give them life.

I don’t want to be the one who gives a negative thought life. When a negative thought comes to me about someone else (or something else), asking me to give it life, I have to correct the thought – meaning – think of the opposite positive thought (truth) that nullifies the negative and takes its place. I have to be disciplined in my thinking to not attach any negative thought to someone else, something else, or myself, for that matter.

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Handout or Hand up

Remember in the Bible in Acts 3 when Peter and John are going into the temple and there’s a lame man at the gate who asks them for alms? Remember Peter’s response? [I’ve always loved this passage and the other day got a glimpse into a deeper meaning (at least for me).] Peter’s response is “Silver and gold have I non; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.”

The lame man is asking that all who walk into the temple see him as a lame man at the gate, feel compassion for him, and give him money. Peter said he didn’t have money to give him. But it was more than that. Giving money would have been the result of seeing a cripple in need. Peter refused to see him as a lame man in the first place. Essentially, Peter said, “There’s nothing in me that honors you being a cripple. All that’s in me – all I have to give you – is the view of you as whole and free” – a view of him uplifted by the Christ, Truth – a view of God’s perfect man – the Christly view of perfection which would expect the man to be conscious of his true being and not think of himself as cripple. And in that state of consciousness, of course he would get up. (If you had no thought that you were cripple, you wouldn’t stay on the ground.) In offering the man his hand, Peter gave the man an opportunity to stand for who he really was and get up – free from the imposition of the crippling thought of himself as limited and needy.

So… when I see someone asking for a handout – asking me to see them as damaged – I try to refuse to see someone who needs a handout and remember to give them a hand up – lift them up in my own thought to see their true nature – whole and healthy, ready to walk and leap, and praise God for the way God made them – perfect. When we see the perfect man, we give others the freedom to see themselves that way.

And on those days when I don’t remember and I get sucked in by the picture, the most loving response is to give what I can.

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Lock Steps

The Christ is kind of like the locks of a canal. It meets us where we are and adjusts our level before we go forward. If we need humility or confidence, compassion or strength, the Christ communicates our true nature to us, so we can better understand and express it – revealing in consciousness the ideas needed to go forward.

“Christ is the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness.”* And the Christ speaks to us in a language we can understand – no matter what language makes sense to us at the moment. In other words, we can always hear the Christ, Truth – the Christ message – it cuts through the human chatter in our head and lifts us to a more spiritual sense of who we are and what’s going on.

The Christ is what lifts us up (inspires us) or lowers us down (helps us release a false sense of ego) – leaving us right where we need to be in thought to go forward at just the right level in our experience. Either way, we can trust the locks are always working when we tune-in to the Christ.

*Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy p.332

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Barge or Ocean Liner

It’s the difference between a sleek-prow’d ocean liner and a square-bow’d barge – being Ego-centric and being ego-centric. Having your own ego or genuinely reflecting God – the one Ego.

God, Ego is All. So when we understand that we express Ego, that God is doing it all (I can of mine own self do nothing.), we can be as large as the ocean liner and slip through the water with ease – effortless, buoyant – moving forward with great power, cutting through any resistance.

Or – we can believe we have our own ego that is separate from God, responsible for every aspect of our experience – that we’re the source of everything we are. Then we don’t even have the power to move ourself through the water. We are powerless and need an external power source (things that feed our ego to keep it alive – the tow boat) to pull us – drag us – through the water, with our square bow and heavy burden pushing down on us, keeping us low in the water, meeting a broad wall of resistance, water slapping across the square bow, slowing us down.

It’s not a perfect analogy, obviously, but I liked the imagery of it… it helps me remember that life is much easier when I understand that God is doing it and not me.

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Ashtray Analogy

I’ve never been a smoker. So, whenever I ate out (when they used to allow smoking in restaurants), there would be an unused ashtray on the table. And when the conversation turned toward God, which it invariably would, it was convenient to use the ashtray to illustrate a point and the ashtray would be ushered to the center of the table.

Ok. Pretend the edge of the ashtray (better when it’s a round, glass one) is a lens. And surrounding the ashtray, outside the lens, are all your human circumstances in life: relationship with your family, your friends, job or school, where you live, etc. So when you’re standing in the center of the ashtray (the place where you’re aligned with God and conscious of your perfect self) and looking outward through the lens, everything is in focus. (All lenses have a focal distance. Inside or outside the focal distance, everything is out of focus.) No matter which direction you look – no matter which circumstance in your life you look at – it’s in focus (as long as you’re standing in the center), and it’s clear how to interact with your circumstances.

This tells you two things. When we stand on the center and align ourselves with God first, before we look out, we can trust that all will be clear. And if we reach out and try to change something humanly (step off the center), not only does that circumstance go out of focus, everything goes out of focus – no matter which direction we look.

It’s a good alert system. When things are out of focus, we immediately know why – we’re not standing on the center point, aligning ourselves with God – and we immediately know what to do – get back on the center first and see who we are as God’s child – pure and perfect – possessing all the intelligence of Mind, all the intuition of Soul. Then when we look out in any direction, it will all be in perfect focus – we’ll see what’s true. And we won’t react, we’ll be inspired to act.

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Positive Reset

You know the way some people are naturally positive and happy – the way some people bounce back easily from disappointments or challenges? Their reset is positive. Without prompting, they’re just happy about life, about themselves – they feel good. Some people’s reset is negative. In the absence of fresh input, things look dark and they don’t feel good about themselves.

The source of a positive reset is our connection with God – a connection with the core conviction that God made us good – that we’re all good because we’re children of God. So the more consistently we are conscious that we’re connected to God and that God is our source, the more consistently we are naturally positive in our attitude about ourself and others. The more we understand that God is Love, Light, Good, Truth and that God made us (“God made man perfect.” Genesis 1) – the more we’ll express qualities that stem from God – naturally. When we’re positive in our conviction of our goodness – we naturally have a positive and happy reset.

So when things get tough, ask yourself, “Are you sure you’re all right?” You can answer with utter confidence, “I’m positive!” and at the same time express that buoyant, positive outlook that comes from feeling connected to God.

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No Dark Photon

When you turn on a light in a dark room, you won’t see a powerful chunk of blackness fighting off the light in the middle of the room – the darkness can’t decide it’s going to stay there. Why? Because there is no dark photon. It doesn’t exist on its own. Darkness is just the absence of light. So when light is present, darkness is absent. The same goes for goodness and truth. When there is one speck of good or truth, it has to outweigh the opposite, which is just the absence of goodness or truth.

As Anglo-Irish philosopher Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.” Because as it says in Acts, “If it be of God (Good, Truth, Love) ye cannot overthrow it.”

Evil is only the absence of good – can only be present when good is absent – just like darkness. And the only thing to combat darkness is light. You can’t fight darkness by using more powerful darkness to overthrow it.

No matter how small the idea of good or how small the idea of truth, it is worth expressing, because one is always greater than zero (or even a zillion zeros). Something is always greater than nothing.

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Though I’d always done it the same way, it was only a few years ago that I finally noticed how hard I pushed the toothbrush against my teeth when I brushed – I guess it was a habit – I’d done it for years. Two things happened as a result: over time, I’d brushed grooves in my teeth (not a good thing and a bigger problem than food between my teeth!), and I smashed the brush down so much, it made the brush virtually ineffectual – the sides of the bristles rubbed against my teeth, not cleaning the way the brush was designed to clean. The solution was easy. Let up a little. Let the toothbrush do the work! Don’t force it. Let it do what it’s designed to do. And what I found? The less force I used – the better the toothbrush cleaned. And as an additional bonus, my teeth were spared further grooving.

Here’s how it all translated for me: when I push, use ego, or force – things don’t go well and sometimes damage results. When I don’t push so hard to get things done or push ‘to be my best self – just let God shine through, just be who God made me to be – all the systems seem to work the way they’re supposed to work. When I yield and listen to God for the next step, instead of forcing my own plan – everything works in harmony, God is in control – I don’t have to be, don’t want to be. When I don’t take a rigid, forced approach, but remain flexible enough to yield to God – flexible enough, humble enough, to let ego get brushed aside – that flexibility of thought allows the little issues (challenges, temptations, false images) to naturally get swept away without digging grooves of habit in my life or thinking, or causing bigger problems. The result? Everything sparkles the way it’s supposed to – God shines – and instead of collateral damage, I get collateral blessings!

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Live with it?

If you’ve got a problem, and you try to live with it – that’s what you’ll end up doing – living with it!

Why put up with living with a problem? When we mentally refuse to identify ourselves with the problem (refuse to say things like “my problem”…), we’re doing our part. God does the rest. So, don’t shy away – face it – take it to a higher place – dig in, refute it as being yours – resolve to only identify yourself with what you want to live with – and then let it go. Don’t ‘live with it’ another moment!

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I Am

I am
God knowing me
not a human,
being me
with thoughts and feelings struggling to believe in something better.

I am
God knowing me
not a human being,
an ego with self-image and fears, climbing the tree of false identity

I am
God knowing me,
pure, good, eternal
just as

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The angel said, “Go to Cox Cottage.”

It was 2AM and I was tired. I’d finally finished studying, and just wanted to go to bed. But, as I left the School of Government building and headed for the dorm, I heard a calm, clear voice say, “Go to Cox Cottage” (the infirmary on campus in the opposite direction). I recognized the voice as an angel – I’d always known angels as “God’s thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect…”* I’d listened and followed angel thoughts before, and they’d never steered me wrong. But this time, I just wanted to go to bed. So, I argued, “I feel fine; I don’t need to go to Cox; I’m not sick!” The angel insisted, “Go to Cox.”

In my experience, I’d always tried to be obedient to angel thoughts, even if they didn’t make sense humanly. But this time, I kept arguing.

It just didn’t make sense. Why would I walk clear to the other side of campus at two in the morning? And besides, everyone knew they locked the front door of Cox at 11PM and you had to ring the buzzer to wake the nurse if you arrived after that. There was no way I was going to wake the nurse to open the door – I wasn’t sick! But I wanted to be obedient to the angel thought. And even though there didn’t seem to be a reason to go to Cox, I walked clear across campus in the cold darkness (telling the angel the whole way, I wouldn’t ring the buzzer), and felt content that I was listening and following – being obedient.

After twenty minutes, I finally got to Cox. I looked at the door – the little sign said, “Door locked at 11PM – Ring bell.” I looked up, “I’m not ringing the bell!” The voice said, “Try the door.” “It’s locked,” I retorted, gesturing at the sign. “Try the knob,” the voice returned. I hesitated – then reached for the knob, fulling expecting it to be locked – but the knob turned! I gingerly swung open the door into the dark entryway. And as I stepped in, heard sobbing coming from one of the back rooms. I followed the sobbing through the dark halls, back to the kitchen. And there on the floor, was a nurse who had collapsed and was unable to get up. Surprised, she looked up at me with tear-filled eyes, and in a trembling voice mixed with pain and joy, she said, “How did you know to come? I’ve been praying that someone would come and help me.”

I was able to help her to a bed, prayed through the rest of the night, and stayed with her until the morning nurse arrived. I honestly don’t remember much of the details of her condition, but left her in good hands and was able to go on with my day.

The experience has been a seminal one for me. I’ve often thought back on it. And if I’m ever tempted to ignore an angel thought and not follow what it’s telling me to do, I remember this experience, and then I follow.

* Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 581

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In a Hole

When our friend is in a hole and we see them down there and want to help them – perhaps tell them how to get out, or throw a rope down, or tell them we’ll go get a ladder, or ask them why or how they got themselves into the hole in the first place – more often than not, all we’re doing is blocking the light they need to get out.

God has a plan for each of us. He knows where we are and knows how to get us from here to there. He knows what we need to hear, and how to say it so we’ll listen. Better to leave the opening free for God to shine down into the hole and light the way up and out.

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Heater Dust

You know when you turn your heater on for the first time each winter? When it smells? When all the dust from the previous months has to burn off before the smell goes away?

It’s kind of like what happens inside of us when we decide to turn the heat up on an issue that we’d like to correct in ourselves. We identify the issue, then we turn up the heat – focus some light on it – examine it – stir the coals – stir up our thinking to see it differently – see it from a higher perspective. We need to burn off the dust in our character or our thinking!
We need to burn off or purify the part of our thinking where we’re identifying ourselves with the Adam-man – man made of the dust of the ground – not made in the image and likeness of God. And when the dust is burned off (the dust of Adam is burned out of our thinking), we’re left with a clean-burning heater (we see ourselves the way God made us – perfect) and that warms our house.

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Day by Day

“Day by day the manna fell.”

There’s a reason for that, people! You wouldn’t want all the manna you’d need for the next 40 years of wandering in the wilderness to fall all at once. It would weigh a ton. You’d have to carry it. The manna would go bad and start to smell. You’d have to figure out how much to eat each day to try to make it last 40 years. People would have to deal with the temptation of wanting more, because there it is, just sitting there. There would be fights over who got more than they did – and on and on – basically, a disaster!

So be grateful you don’t have to figure out where your supply is going to come from tomorrow! God’s got your back. He knows what you need this moment. He knows what ideas you need to get you through every eventuality. Listen. Trust. Understand that if you don’t have it right now, you don’t need it right now! God will supply your every need – every moment! And the next moment. And the next. And the next. Moment by moment, God supplies our need. Trust that, and you won’t have to carry around a lot of extra baggage!

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Dwell in Understanding

If the good that heals and comforts and reforms is in Science – in the understanding that God’s Law reigns supreme – then the more we dwell in that understanding, the more we’ll see healing and comfort and reform.

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At the Center

The closer we get to our center (The Kingdom of Heaven is within you) – the place where we’re most in line with who God sees us to be – most in line with our perfect self (God made man perfect) – the place where we feel connected to Love, Truth, Spirit, Mind – that’s when we hear God’s voice – the angels trying to speak to us – that’s when we know what to do, hear what to say, are guided to be the best we can be – to be who God made us to be.

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Choose Again

When we “turn the other cheek,” we’re not turning back to get hit again, we’re turning back to give ourselves another opportunity to see – really see – who’s before us. Do we see an aggressor? Then we’re seeing ourselves as a victim. But when we turn back and choose to see who’s really there – choose to see God’s child, innocent, harmless, loved – the true Man – then that’s all we’ll experience. We get what we see. Our experience reflects what we hold in our thought. Take the next opportunity to see God’s man coming at you. Then you won’t be a victim because there’s no aggressor in sight.

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You’re Surrounded

Air is all around us.

Move your arm through the air. See? You can’t take your arm out of the air. (For the purpose of this, we’re not talking about a vacuum.)

Think of it this way, metaphorically speaking, God is as close as the air. You can’t get outside of God. God is always with you, always surrounding you, embracing you. “We live and move and have our being in God.” And every time you breathe in, translate the moment into something spiritual. Think of it as breathing in ideas from God – inspiration – taking in ideas that lift you up and give you life. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

So when you feel stressed, know that God surrounds you, upholds you, moves with you. You can never be outside of God, Spirit, Love. Rest in God. Inhale Love – exhale Truth. Be filled with Spirit – never separated from Good. You’re surrounded.

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Gravity is working!

If you ever doubt whether God is in control, look around!

Is there anything floating around the room? Are you 6 inches off the ground? No? Well, then gravity is working at the moment. And gravity is a pretty cool example of a law that operates no matter what. It applies to all – you don’t have to earn it or do anything to make it work on you – you just have to be here.

Think of it this way, the law of gravity is like the Law of God. God is always in control whether we want Him to be or not, whether we “deserve” it or not, whether we’ve prayed today or not, whether we’re good or bad, happy or sad. God just is. And the Law of God is always in operation. We’re always governed by Divine Law – by Truth, Life, and Love – no matter what.

So, when in doubt – when you’re wondering if God’s in control – when circumstances temp you to think He’s not – look around – notice that gravity is still working (things aren’t floating around are they?) and that will remind you that God’s Law (more powerful than gravity) – is still in operation. It’s always working and always present to uphold you.

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Divine Design

Standing in the pouring rain, water streaming down my face, I was struck by the amazing Divine design of our faces. Water splits at our nose leaving a pocket of air to breathe.

When things are falling fast around us – remember – the Divine design allows us to breathe – take in breath – inspire – be inspired. Count on it. Relax. And breathe. Take in the inspiration that will keep you conscious when it’s pouring.

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You can’t make a plant grow by pouring acid on it.

Plants grow when they’re nurtured. They grow when they’re given pure water and sunlight. So do people. No matter how difficult someone is being, the only fix is to love them more. The only way you’ll see a better person show up across from you is if you pour on the love – not toxic criticism, blame, or correction. Love will help them grow. It will help them feel and find the good inside, and turn it outwards – towards the love, just as the plant turns its leaves toward the light.

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To Start

Starting is … well … like continuing, but with a breath before.

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