David and Goliath – Exact Aim

You know the way the story of David and Goliath (I Sam: 17) is about David using what he knows (that God is all-powerful) and has practiced (the sling shot instead of the armor) and feeling confident that what he’s been given by God will be enough?

I just had a thought that if the stones are the truths which David feels comfortable using to protect himself (feeling armed with what he knows practically, his sling shot and stones and spiritually, his relationship to God), what is the act of slinging the stone? Putting the stone in the sling is the act of putting the truth into practice – applying the truth to the specific situation with exactness. We’re not just going out flinging rocks around the field (if you could only see my husband demonstrate!), we’re carefully aiming at the wolf or Goliath (the error that comes up in our experience). And when we are exact in how we apply the truth, the error is defeated!! Oh… and the centrifugal force (the law in operation) that gives the power to the sling shot is the Christ. We don’t have to effort it beyond making the choice to put what we understand of God’s all-power into practice, aiming exactly when we apply what we know, and trusting the law of Truth as always in operation, as the force behind it. How cool is that! David proved it.

About TayTruth

I love Truth. I've always loved Truth, God. The goal here, is to express Truth in the most accurate, authentic way possible. This blog is a work in progress. The expression of Truth grows more absolute in proportion to one's understanding. The understanding of Truth expressed here has been shaped mainly by a life-long study of the Bible and the works of Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. But, as a seeker of Truth, any representation of the Truth that enlightens understanding has been welcome, and there are far too many to enumerate. Gratitude is the order of the day, when thinking of all who have spoken the Truth in whatever form.
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