It Needs a Host – Don’t Give it One

Negative thoughts don’t live unless we give them a person or a thing to live on. If we identify a person with a negative thought, we’ve just given life to a negative that can’t live on its own.

Why would I attach a negative thought to a person? Why would I give a negative thought a person to ride on? Why would I give a negative thought life? If I talk about a person negatively, all I’m doing is giving life to a negative idea that didn’t have life until I attached it to a person. That’s exactly what negative thoughts want – a host to live on. Negative thoughts are just waiting for us to give them life. They hover around suggesting that they’re real and when we believe they’re real, we attach them to someone or something – and we inadvertently give them life.

I don’t want to be the one who gives a negative thought life. When a negative thought comes to me about someone else (or something else), asking me to give it life, I have to correct the thought – meaning – think of the opposite positive thought (truth) that nullifies the negative and takes its place. I have to be disciplined in my thinking to not attach any negative thought to someone else, something else, or myself, for that matter.

About TayTruth

I love Truth. I've always loved Truth, God. The goal here, is to express Truth in the most accurate, authentic way possible. This blog is a work in progress. The expression of Truth grows more absolute in proportion to one's understanding. The understanding of Truth expressed here has been shaped mainly by a life-long study of the Bible and the works of Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. But, as a seeker of Truth, any representation of the Truth that enlightens understanding has been welcome, and there are far too many to enumerate. Gratitude is the order of the day, when thinking of all who have spoken the Truth in whatever form.
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