Page Numbers

I was flying east and had a rare chance to read a novel – uninterrupted. Deep in the story, I had a flash of insight. The page number had nothing to do with the action in the story I had just read on that page. There was no connection. And then I realized – just as with the story and the page number – the number on the scale has nothing to do with who I am – with the qualities that make up “me” – with the love I express, or the wisdom I try to live by – and too, the number of years I’ve been on the planet have nothing to do with who I am either, or the numbers on the clock have no control over who I’m being at the moment. They’re all just numbers – disconnected from the truth about us.

The number could be a reference point, I suppose, just as the page number in the book can be – oh, yeah, he meets the girl who helps him crack the code in chapter 23 on page 257 – or – oh, yeah, I learned a lot about discipline in the 37th year – or – oh, yeah, I finally got the hang of not being too critical during that time when the scale said 130 – or – I express tenderness at bed time with my kids – but the numbers are really just reference points. The numbers can’t dictate anything about us or tell us who we are in Truth.

About TayTruth

I love Truth. I've always loved Truth, God. The goal here, is to express Truth in the most accurate, authentic way possible. This blog is a work in progress. The expression of Truth grows more absolute in proportion to one's understanding. The understanding of Truth expressed here has been shaped mainly by a life-long study of the Bible and the works of Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. But, as a seeker of Truth, any representation of the Truth that enlightens understanding has been welcome, and there are far too many to enumerate. Gratitude is the order of the day, when thinking of all who have spoken the Truth in whatever form.
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2 Responses to Page Numbers

  1. Nancy Foy says:

    Wonderful entry, and coincidentally, posted on my daughter Hannah’s birthday.

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